Kikuno Daimyoujin/Toyokawa Daimyoujin

A very sacred place of the remarkable effects of ending evil relationships and starting good relationships (from the history of Hounji Temple).

Two Deities of Kikuno Daimyoujin and Toyokawainari Daimyoujin were enshrined in the southeast part of the precincts.
Candle: ¥100 Ritual stick: ¥400

Kikuno Daimyoujin image

Kikuno Daimyoujin

The object of worship is a spiritual stone where Fukakusa no shosho reportedly sat when he visited Ono no Komachi every night for 100 days.
The object of worship is not open to the public.

- Ending five evil relationships -
Men and women
Workplace (superiors/subordinates)

Start good relationships by ending bad relationships.

Toyokawa Daimyoujin


Avoiding fire, bad luck, disaster

As a working deity for a prosperous family business, the safety of families, and good health, in addition to good relationships, it offers blessings to people by showing its power (from Hounji Temple history).

*Please donate funds for the restoration of the Kikuno Daimyoujin hall and the construction of a new Toyokawa Daimyoujin shrine.

Currently accepting offerings of banner flags
Please make an offering for a prayer or to give thanks. We will offer them for one year.

One pair of flags of Kikuno Daimyoujin and Toyokawa Daimyoujin: ¥8,000

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